Taking Care of Teak

Maintaining teak furniture is simple, as this wood is extremely durable, long-lasting and naturally water-resistant.


Maintaining teak in a dry area

If your teak is a fully indoor piece and not in the shower, dusting is the only maintaince needed.


Maintaining teak in a wet area

To preserve teak benches and mats placed in the shower, all you need to do is rinse it off completely before turning off the water. A thorough rinse will ensure that any soap, dirt, etc. does not collect on the teak. Easy enough. Extra - It is also a good practice to dry off teak so water does not sit on it.


Remedies for teak not maintained

Now, if your reading this and have neglected to upkeep your teak… you may be facing a mold or mildew problem. The good news is that there are multiple solutions! If there is very little mold and mildew, set the teak bench in direct sunlight for a few days. Be sure it does not rain in the meantime. The sun will take care of the few problem spots.

If there is an obvious amount of mold and mildew, combine together a ¼ cup of dish soap, 1 cup of bleach and a gallon of water. Target these spots with a scrub brush and rinse extensively. Allow the furniture to dry (in the sun if possible), before returning to the shower.



Once the mold and mildew has been addressed and eliminated, there may be lingering black stains. If this is of concern, repeat the following procedure, but this time, use ammonia instead of bleach. PLEASE NOTE—never mix bleach and ammonia, it is extremely toxic. Once you have scrubbed these stains, rinse again and allow to dry.

If stains remain in extreme cases, you can sand the teak furniture. Start out with a higher grit number for a smoother finish. This will only remove the top layer of teak that is holding the stain.


Teak Oil

Teak Oil is not needed to maintain and preserve your teak furniture. Interestingly enough, teak oil is not even derived from teak wood. However, it does elevate and bring out the color and grain of teak. Over time, the teak oil will fade, so know that it will not bring about a permanent finish.

As a reminder, maintaining teak furniture is simple. It has natural oils and an inner structure that make it water-resistant and strong. So if you are purchasing teak furniture, be sure to take care of this wood from the beginning by consistently rinsing it with water. You will be pleased to realize the little effort needed to preserve this beautiful piece of wood.

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